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Highway Care to exhibit at the premier trade show for Roadway Safety Products & Services, ATSSA.
Thursday, 02 Feb 2017
Highway Care is thrilled to announce that they will be exhibiting at ATSSA; showcasing new BG 800 Pedestrian Walkway. ...

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Highway Care USA launches BG 800 Pedestrian Walkway
Friday, 06 Jan 2017
    Highway Care USA launches BG 800 Pedestrian Walkway at Transportation Research Board (TRB).  Highway Care USA is excited to ...

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BG 800 Pedestrian Walkway


BG 800 Pedestrian Walkway is the latest edition in walkway technology, providing a safer, more cost effective solution when sidewalks are removed for repair. The first walkway to be tested to MASH TL – 2 (5000lb pick-up truck/25°/43mph) , BG 800 Pedestrian Walkway has been pioneered to meet increasing requirements to provide safety to pedestrians.

Specifically designed for urban environments, this innovative walkway offers contractors, maintenance workers and traffic designers a choice for positive protection in built-up environments. BG 800 Pedestrian Walkway, provides pedestrians safe passage when routed near live or vertical construction.

Across the United Sates, cities are facing a crumbling infrastructure and aging population, more often than not, when sidewalks are removed for repair, pedestrians are forced into harm’s way of fast moving traffic.

Highly durable and safer to handle than a concrete barrier, BG 800 Pedestrian Walkways’ steel barrier offers high performance protection, with cost-effective transportation and ease of installation.

Even in the most challenging of environments, BG 800 Pedestrian Walkway  adheres to the American Disability Act’s (ADA) standards for accessible design. A narrow 21” barrier footprint provides more room for wheelchairs to pass without the risk of a bottleneck during the  peak commuting hours. Its pioneered design requires limited anchoring into any type of surface, providing flexibility for even the most antiquated urban environment.



  Features, benefits and specifications


·         Enhanced pedestrian protection from construction conflicts.

·         Steel Barrier offers high performance protection with cost-effective transportation and ease of installation.

Safer to handle than concrete barrier.

·         Wind load tested.

·         Wheels inside barrier allow for traffic lane management.

·         Crash tested to  MASH TL -2  (43mph).

·         Meets American Disability Act’s standards of accessible design

·         Narrow 21” barrier footprint prevents commuter bottle necks.

·         1 ¼” clearance under the barrier for drainage.

·         Roof thickness can be changed to meet overhead drop concerns.